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Baking Cups

Vibrant StayBrite® Colours Do Not Fade
Foil-Lined, Free Standing, Easy Release
Versatile Paper Baking Cup
No Muffin Pan Needed

Product Details

Reynolds® Baking Cups help make your cupcakes as special as the reasons that you bake them. Stir in some imagination and let the fun begin with these great cupcake liners.

With versatile paper cups, trendy and sturdy foil liners, fashion-inspired prints, Reynolds® Baking Cups have all your moods and preferences covered.

Our unique StayBrite® Baking Cups are –

  • Completely free-standing, meaning you will not need a muffin pan to make your treats.
  • Created with designs that ensure your cupcakes will stand out with their style and look, in addition to tasting great.
  • Developed so that their designs and prints do not fade. Hence, they look just as beautiful after coming out of the oven.


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